How to double that pitiful starting salary you agreed to.

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How to double that pitiful starting salary in 18 months.
1. Be humble.
2. Listen.
3. Go overboard. Make somebody say “you didn’t need to do that much.”
4. Don’t listen to them. They’re jealous of your work ethic.
5. Go out for beers when anybody offers.
6. Don’t get sloppy and puke on your bosses shoes. The smell will follow you for years.
7. Take notes. Copious notes.
8. Look up copious if you need. And any other words that stump you. We’re in the business of words.
9. Buy bagels once in a while. And none of that flavored cream cheese.
10. Refuse to let your boss buy lunch.
11. But not all the time. That’s butt-kissing.
12. Ask if anybody needs help before you leave.
13. Do anonymous acts of kindness.
14. Thank people.
15. Have a good attitude.
16. Which means taking criticism with an open mind.
17. Don’t blame it on the client (immature and naïve).
18. Don’t blame it on the AE (immature and naïve).
19. Smile.
20. Pick up some lazy ass’s crap left behind in the conference room.
21. Ask a million questions.
22. Be yourself.
23. Tell your boss when you don’t have enough to do.
24. Bring 4 ideas to the table instead of 3.
25. Show personal interest in those below you (if there is anyone down there).
26. Never attempt to make the boss look bad. It’s never worked in the history of the world. If you’ve got a problem, talk it out in private. You’ll be respected.
27. Ask if it’s OK to take a vacation.
28. As opposed to telling someone you’re going to take a vacation.

- Ernie Perich
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