Honda: Rhymes & Reason (Repost)

**(I'm reposting this because the comment are getting interesting)**

Honda Motors is rapping a "new" tune on the internets these days to pump up sales. They've launched a micro site called Rhymes & Reason to tell you why you should be driving a Honda. Here's a quote from the site;

"Cash is King!
I'm tired of hearing that times are hard. Cause if you think something is hard then that's what it'll be - hard. I know it sounds a little too positive for some people, but focusing on what's wrong is not going to get you anywhere promising. So why not try something new? I'm going to start..."

It seems that advertising and Hip Hop have once again found a multitude of reasons to continue to rhyme. The site features an unknown rapper by the name of Mickey Factz along with a blog, videos, music downloads, photos & all the standard fair of of promotional sites these days.

Scott Yeti, operator of the influential hip-hop marketing blog and a consultant for music labels and film studios, is skeptical about the overall impact of the push but thinks using Mr. Factz was a great choice.

I hope it works. But the creative guy in me says how could they push this idea even further. Maybe something like this. I'm such an armchair-backseat creative director. Yeah cause its real easy that way, all the hard works been done already.

Micro site here.

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