Huggies Pull-Ups: Potty Dance

JWT – WTF! Why TF! Who TF! WT(M)F!?

Cyrus Mehri* can submit this commercial into evidence and rest his damn case. When did Sherman Klump knock-up SoulJah Boy and then go all pro-life on us and refuse to abort this abomination! I don't know what offends the most, the neo-Uncle Remus voice or the Hip-Hop whoring. I understand the scarcity of "Colored" opinion in the creative parts of the shop. We are working on that. But, couldn't they have at least run this past the Black guy in accounts receivable? Or what about the brother down by the door, you know the security guy. I know he doesn't really work at the agency per-se... But dude would have manned-up and and told you a lie through a seriously jacked-up smirk on his face. "Um, well yeah, it's... well, um, good, I-I kind like them glasses, yeah them glasses is tight. Is that Cool Rock-Ski from the FatBoys?." He's trying to throw you off. It's the first time you've spoken to him so he's more suspiciously surprised than anything else. There's really two things going on in the security guys mind; 1. Are you sh*ttin' him. You really dont see how bad this is? and 2. Why are you bothering him with this bullsh*t. But, it's the smirk guys, don't listen to the words, watch for the smirk! I'm smirkin' right now, it should speak volumes.

Well any ways, this spot is giving birth to an octuplet of asses! We're gonna need more diapers.

*One of the nation's top civil-rights attorneys and a man who has been dubbed one of Washington's most feared lawyers, has turned his attention to the ad industry's woeful diversity record.

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