Toyota to premiere Burrell's VENZA TV Spot 'Faces' during Super Bowl XLIII

This is big news. It's not everyday/year an African American company gets to launch a new vehicle let alone on the Superbowl. Congrats Burrell!


Client: Toyota USA
Title, Length: Toyota Venza "Faces" 1x:30
Editor: Terry King
Production Company: Radical Media
Director: Antony Hoffman

Special thanks to:
Tamika Lee Robinson
Account Supervisor

(January 29, 2009) Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. has selected Burrell Communications' TV spot 'Faces' to debut during Super Bowl XLIII as part of the launch of its new vehicle VENZA. Burrell's 30-second Toyota VENZA spot 'Faces' will premiere in the first quarter during the first break of Super Bowl 43. The 'Faces' spot and its prominent placement during the Super Bowl will be used to support and extend the launch excitement of the 2009 Toyota VENZA and will be the kickoff of Burrell's 'Are You VENZA?' campaign.

"We wanted a spot that would help us introduce the 2009 Toyota VENZA to consumers who view themselves as multidimensional. We think the 'Faces' spot and the 'Are You VENZA?' campaign is a great complement to the overall launch," Dionne Colvin, Toyota National Manager Advertising.

Key Messages
-Burrell’s 30-second Toyota VENZA spot ‘Faces’ will premiere in
the first quarter during the third break of Super Bowl 43
-‘Faces’ was based on consumer research that helped to uncover
consumer insights that were the foundation of the creative for the
compelling ad and will be the first execution of the integrated ‘Are
You VENZA?’ campaign
-Research that combines cognitive neuroscience, anthropology and
sociology findings provided the imagery and consumer language that
allowed for a springboard for developing work.
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