The Standard Hotel: The Standard High

The Standard Design Team has produced a 2009 calendar for Standard Hotels. The new calendar, with a "high school" theme, has been shot by Michael Elins who was behind the cover of Rolling Stone magazine's 1,000th issue. This "Staff Calendar" features the Standard's actual staff as models and gets produced every year as a gift to their most loyal guests. I think this year's calendar is a fun take on the regular desk calendar. It unfolds into a circular accordion that locks with cutouts provided in the "composition notebook". I also like the fact that it unfolds to read "Standard High Calendar 2009" even though it's completely useless. It just adds to the un-constipated vibe of the calendar. And for those of you who are really excited about the beautiful people you see, there's fun video montage introducing the staff in the calendar with great music from Jeremy Jay.

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