DDB: Mailroom Guy

This is it right here. This is the glaring ignorance that Black people complain about ad nauseam (pun intended)! Do you know that many African Americans see the lottery as the con that it is. Many of the most avid lottery customers don't even begin to believe they can win but, when your life is lived at such great odds of being rich you feel like you have nothing to lose. These insights are lost. This spot practically says hey black man you can't make out of the mail room. Better play the LOTTO!!! What about the message sent that even when they are big time criminals whites are rewarded. I know it's just a commercial but, I'm just having a little fun with it.

So in that spirit of fun... WT(M)F!!! DDB! Maybe a few more multicultural hires are in order. A new position maybe, let's call it the umm, cultural climate change meteorologist. Someone who can forecast the BS showers.

The much heralded five asses!

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