Microsoft Zune

Ever notice just how hard Microsoft is trying to sell the Zune. I think if they stopped trying to feel organic and just let it quietly be -- it would happen. Look people just love a backlash and the glorious iPod is about due for one. I have an iPod that just died, (R.I.P. D.J. Ferbert, yep, named it Ferbert) but I'm really in the mood for something new. But Microsoft's brilliantly beautiful hard sell leaves me a little leery. I'm wondering what's wrong with the thing. Other than it may not be compatible with all my Apple products, I really wonder what's wrong with that dang thang. If they just ease up a bit and made it compatible with my sh*t. I might Zune it up a bit.

Music: N.E.R.D.

I love this spot "That's because it has the SoulSonic Force type of funk". Just the whole Old school meets, um, not so Old school hip hop. The track from Common and the Neptunes is B-B-Bangin'! It's starting to fell like a softer sell. I thin k it was done by Crispin Porter.
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