Santogold light

MTV don't do music no more (I'm attempting the coveted triple negative in a sentence). BET don't do good music no more (almost there, if you count BET as a negative). So now days, commercials are the new music video. That's where you'll find some of the hottest homeless music around. Songs don't have a place to belong anymore... Except maybe the internets. From which they are promptly downloaded and cause us all hard drive space shortages. But the truth is it's a pairing made in advertising heaven (spoken like a true ad pimp, you gots to choose me baby). I like Santogold's music, so I'm glad to see her get a break. She's been in the game for years though mostly penning tunes for artist like Res. This format works on many levels. You get a sample of the music repeatedly. The poor artist actually get paid. What could be better. (Getting a running start... ) Don't nobody need no M-T-B-E-T no how never no mo (Ughn! Nailed it, That was like a sextuple negative, what! WHAT! crowd goes wild)
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