Who does the best Black Ads???

An African American Agency would NEVER do an ad like this one above... but really it's a no brainer! There is a place for this.

Years ago while working at JWT Atlanta, I was asked by one of my white counterparts, "who does the best black ads?" I smiled slightly while doing an extensive frantic self brain scan that would have shorted out a MRI machine. Black agencies flashed in my mind, while I swatted them away disapprovingly like the virtual screens in Tom Cruise's face in Minority Report. Before I could narrow down to my favorite agency (or falsely call the name of one he never knew existed) he brandished a sh*t eating grin and said "Nike!" I laughed and protested, "I thought you meant on the agency side not the client." Before I could continue with my rant about the misdirection of his questioning tactics he absconded with slight witted victory (curses, foiled again). I went to my office with my version of his question in my mind. I went through the usual suspects. Burrell, Global Hue, UniWorld, Kaiser Söse... Well, if I answer the question from his point of view He was right. But much to my chagrin Рhe was right. They have consistently done advertising that is entrenched in the African American culture and parlayed the strengths of African American art, music, literature, etc. Who could forget that dope basketball bounced to the tune of Africa Bambaataa's Planet Rock?! Who hasn't entertained themselves, if only momentarily, trying to make a beat with a b-ball? Hey maybe it is just me.

Is it really true, does Nike chump us all??? Are they the ones with their ear closest to the ground, are their heads widest open to our culture for ideas? Or does their lead agency W+K dig deeper into "our" proverbial crates than we do ourselves?

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Now of coarse I could go on my usual rant about bigger budgets and more freedom, yada –yada. Butit's been said a poor craftsmen complains about his tools or a poor agency complains about his clients (GUILTY as charged)! The fact is I gotta step up my game! How 'bout you??
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