Vodacom: We've been having it

This ad is F'n hilarious! Such a great use of a caricature of an African dictator. Incredible production smart writing and art direction. "Movie trailers on demand... (The) Matrix, we've been having it." LOL, I wish I'd been having done it.

Production Company: Velocity, Cape Town
Director: Adrian De Sa Garces
Producer: Karen Kloppers
D.O.P: Peter Tischauser
Advertising Agency: Draft Fcb Johannesburg, South Africa
E.C.D: Rob Mclennan
C.D: Grant Jacobsen
Art Directors: Grant Jacobsen, Marcus Moshapalo, Neelesh Vallabh
htv: Rachel Andreotti
Post Production Co: Waterfront Post And Left
Editor: Saki Bergh
Music Co/composer/sound Designer: Rob Schroeder
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