The simple 7

African American Agencies and creatives in general market agencies have done brilliant advertising! Also we have done some not so brilliant things. Due to the many constraints of our particular type of marketing and the lack of understanding by most companies we are often forced into cliche-land. We often fall into the category of one of our time honored cliches. There are only a few. I will list them here. (This is not all of them but a few, more here later) They are not listed here because they can't be done well. Rather, because most often they haven't. They are most often crutches for us, the easy way out. The question often arises, "what's black about it?" and we have about 7 static answers and the are as follows;

  1. A family reunion (what's blacker than that?)
  2. A hot & sexy Jazz band ("man he's blowin' some mean horn!")
  3. Girlfriends (We have the smart one [she wears the glasses], the sexy one, the kooky one and of course the sassy one [guuuurl, what you said?! I know that's right!!!])
  4. The Barbershop (what would a brother do with out his only place of respite)
  5. Precocious brainy kids (I'm a sucker for this one)
  6. Family around the dinner table (I'm not hating on family around the table, we all could use more of this behavior, but how many commercials go this route)
  7. The Fellas! (Not doing anything in particular, just hanging out discussing how cool the advertised product makes their lives)
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