Hair's Breadth

At Culture Advertising Design we do lots of AA hair care ads and package design. By lots I mean tons, by tons I mean daily we are creating some hair care something for someone somewhere in the world. We love it and sometimes loathe it. We are constantly pushing clients to do more, stand out, own a position or attitude. Do different... get it hair do... do diff... never mind. Above is some great art I'd love to see something like this done for AA hair care.

The name Gary Fernández has started to appear often enough to warrant a closer look. Fernández is a freelance illustrator and graphic artist based in Madrid, Spain, and currently living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His client list is impressive, ranging from advertising heavies DDB, McCann Erickson, JWT and Grey to superbrands such as Coca Cola, Nokia and Camel. His illustrations have appeared in numerous magazines and books.
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