Black Ads Booty

Not every ad is a good ad and we probably have an unfair share of horrible ads. I have made some stinkers, I mean some real crap. It is in the interest of less eye burn & less creative brain hemorrhaging, we have instituted the Kiss My Black Ads - Booty. I can't do it all by myself (because I have too many friends out there making ads). Yet still some ads deserved to be called out and dammit I have found just the right team of ├╝ber-creative, overly opinionated, Kanye West temper-tantrum having, advertisingest, designest, self righteous, "yeah I used to work general market, but I was too deep for 'em", SOB's in the Black Ad game today to get your ass told! We've devised a rating system and for these anonymous industry pros to help me judge ads for whackness. Ads are judged on concept, creativity, layout, writing, relevance. A bad ad can garner anywhere from 1 to 5 "bootys". So work hard and avoid getting the full meat of the booty! We understand that bad work is often due to client input but, it's been said a poor craftsman complains about his tools. With that said... let the Booty begin!

(I could use a few more alternate judges. If you are interested drop me a line in the comments you will remain anonymous)
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