Ohio Players Album Art

Was there anything more erotic (to a little kid who had no idea what eroticism was, or why he couldn't stop staring at the icky, cootie ridden, naked lady who made his pants feel funny) than a Ohio Players album cover.

My dad would always keep these a vinyl disc or two back from the front of his neatly arranged rows of classic-plastic 70's funk. But me and my older brothers made sure our musical, if not visual, favorites stayed mysteriously in eye shot. As if the covers weren't provocative enough, the cover art fold-out gave you the full Leroy!

We knew if we heard the dulcet funky yelps of the eye-patch afro coiffed lead singer Sugar-foot sangin' "sweet sticky thing" "Skin tight" or "Love Roller-coaster" We should come around to see, I mean hear what Daddy was jammin' to.

"Love roller coaster, say what chile, Love roller coaster, Let me ride one mo time, yeah!"

Now days this kind of photography is reserved for lotion ads. Even though I suspect they've always been good for lotion sales (Nah-mean).

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Mr. Clyde said...

This reminds me of my older cousins 2 live crew albums. But yeah the ohio players album covers are classic.